Card 3 (Tri; from English to the number three: “Three”)

Card 3 (Tri; from English to the number three: “Three”) is the brand name used for the nine mobile telecommunications networks in Europe, Asia, and Australia. This network is present in Australia, Austria, Great Britain, Denmark, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, and Sweden.

Tri network operated by PT. Hutchison Charoen Pokphand Telecom (HCPT), which is 60% owned by Hutchison Whampoa and the rest by the Charoen Pokphand. Although the 3G licenses had been obtained in 2004 when the company was still called Cyber ​​Access Communication, the new 3G service launched on March 29, 2007 with a coverage area of ​​Jakarta at first. On September 8, 2008, promoting free SMS to all operators, everyone. In 2009 Tri become one of the sponsors of Manchester United’s tour of Asia, and finally djadikan one of the official sponsors of Manchester United.


Enough of our promotions, easy of our promotions, easy – I hope you all can accept this and understand our products, in terms of promoting Although there are still shortcomings, we beg you all can memakluminya.
So with full pride in the products we publish, with presumably let you all try to use the prepaid card sympathy, because we can guarantee you all or feel happy and comforted’ll facilities– existing facilities within the prepaid card sympathy because sympathy prepaid card is a card prepaid published by Telkomsel has the largest network throughout Indonesia and has proven its superiority, as with Telkomsel always proof of all ages can create a lot of the programs and facilities that form attracts many customers.
And let you all soon quickly joined a prepaid card for sympathy and do not forget to immediately participate in Sympathy Club, sympathy Zone in the era of exciting and more profitable.

Loop Sympathy cards are becoming very popular because it gives a lot of advantage of the sympathy of others including Internet Package, Package Blackberry, Call and SMS Package Package is very cheap.

Four advantages of this loop sympathy could encompass all the good users of the hobby sms’s to surf, there is little difference in the loop is a good way of sympathy registration packet and rules for use of the package, so it needs a basic knowledge of the greatness of sympathy loop in order to exploit the sympathy loop with optimal. Because otherwise it is not the savings that you will receive, but instead lost because not aware of the rules that apply, the following four distinct advantage loop sympathy with sympathy the others:

Internet BBM SMS Call free

(1). Internet – internet package which gives quota of 12 GB for only 50rb is one of the advantages of sympathy loop that has a tremendous appeal to Internet users who normally only get 2GB of internet at the same price if you use other operators.
Sympathy Loop

(2). BBM – BlackBerry package on sympathy loop is also amazingly cheap, just by 30 thousand a month have access to the complete blackberry ranging from fuel, chat, social networks, browsing and email, it’s just not able to stream video, but with the services that are so full of sympathy loop into the blackberry package lowest ever. plus network telkomsel already known to have the widest signal throughout Indonesia.

(3). SMS – SMS Package Offers of sympathy Loop using only one can get bonus sms 1000 sms up to 12 o’clock at night even in the area of ​​Bandung, and jogja given a bonus of up to 10 thousand sms every mengguanakan two sms. Now what nelpon package sympathy loop?

(4). Call – Sympathy loop nelpon bonuses for 60 minutes after using the phone accumulates Rp.1000, -. Bonus nelpon 60 minutes can be used for calls to 3 numbers telkomsel. Nelpon bonus can be used from 00.00 until 11 noon, and if you want the bonus again then must use again nelpon accumulated 1,500 to be free nelpon 60 minutes from 11 noon until 12 o’clock at night.

Thus 4 advantages sympathy sympathy loop of another starter pack. See also How to list sympathy loop 12GB Internet package 50ribu and there see differences SimPATI Loop with LOOP.

The slogan is owned by PT.TELKOMSEL So Close So Real

The slogan is owned by PT.TELKOMSEL So Close So Real. With this slogan is also expected to make TELKOMSEL as mobile telecommunications service company that the most number of customers and always put quality and availability of the widest network capacity to provide the best services to its customers.
That history Telkomsel Paseban pillowcase, Adapaun to the history of other operators, such as XL and Indosat, Paseban will present it in a future article. [MG]
SYMPATHY is a prepaid card that diterbikan by Telkomsel that has been thorough and known to many by the public and the widest network in Indonesia.
Along with the times the sympathy of many channel programs that are very lucrative as well as many customers Sympathy Sympathy Sympathy Club has called simPATIzone that many customers demand a lot of sympathy.
With the customer simPATIzone sympathy can enjoy the programs that have been determined as well, the Main Zone, Carner Zone, Free Zone and know what programs are being created sympathy or any activities that may attract the attention of customers sympathy.
Therefore please allow us to introduce our products presented in front of you all of the products although falling entirely sympathy we know a lot but at least we can tell you about products Sympathy

Telkomsel also pioneered the Mobile Banking services in Indonesia

In 1998, Telkomsel create a new program to develop its network by launching Word Class Operator as a benchmark standard of its services. The new positioning for Telkomsel prepaid card named by the archipelago simPATI bermottokan simPATI under control. SimPATI card previously could only be used in the registration area only, but now simPATI can be used in all regions in Indonesia.
In 2000, Telkomsel also pioneered the Mobile Banking services in Indonesia in collaboration with Bank Panin. This is one Tekomsel innovation in integrating telecommunications and information technology systems in the banking system. Around the end of March 2009, Telkomsel managed to have approximately 72.1 million customers based on industry statistics represented an estimated market share of about 50%. Telkomsel provides cellular services in Indonesia through product 900-1800 MHz dual band GSM, 3G networks and international networks through 341 international roaming partners in 180 countries (end of March 2009, according to records). On September 2006 was Telkomsel became the first operator in Indonesia to launch 3G network services.
It is very diverse and the twists and turns this one telecommunications company. Various success was slowly and surely bring Telkomsel and Apple South Asia Ltd to launch the iPhone 3G in Indonesia on March 20, 2009. And this is one more success Telkomsel certainly very proud of its loyal customers.
Telkomsel mentioned having the largest network coverage in Indonesia, where providing network coverage reaches more than 95% of Indonesia’s population and in the claims that Telkomsel is the only operator in Indonesia that covers the whole country, provinces and districts, both districts in Sumatra, Java and Bali. Telkomsel company offers GSM dual band (900 & 1800), GPRS, WiFi, EDGE and 3G technology.

Telkomsel is one GSM mobile telecommunications operator in Indonesia

Telkomsel is one GSM mobile telecommunications operator in Indonesia, which had launched the first postpaid services around the 26th of May 1995. At that time the ownership of shares owned by PT Telkomsel. Telkom (51%) and PT. Indosat (49%), and Telkomsel never managed to become a first mobile operator to offer GSM prepaid services in Asia in November 1997. This is the next Telkomsel history
Throughout history Telkomsel, this operator has three GSM products, namely simPATI (prepaid), KartuAS (prepaid) and kartuHALO (postpaid). Telkomsel shares currently owned by us (65%) and Singapore telecommunications company SingTel (35%). SOEs Telkom is Indonesia which is majority-owned by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, while SingTel is a company majority-owned by the Government of Singapore. In 1995, officially Telkomsel received permission to provide mobile telecommunications services its GSM officially, after a successful pilot project in the pilot project GAM Telkom do Batam. Unlike the other operators, Telkomsel history followed by starting to build networks and serve customers from outside of Java such as from Batam, Medan and other areas. Then in 1996, Telkomsel started operating in the capital Jakarta and successfully serve the entire province in Indonesia. It is characterized by the operation of the service Telkomsel Ambon and Jayapura.

After successfully launching the product paskabayarnya kartuHALO, Telkomsel back to the operator who pioneered the prepaid card is rechargeable in ASIA with the launch of its first product simPATI. SimPATI cards were launched when the economic crisis struck at around 1997, because it also Telkomsel provide solutions to the users of mobile services for controlling communication budget. The surprising thing, Telkomsel managed to get the ISO 9002 certification for Customer Service On-Line from PT Tuv Rheinland Germany, where it also means marks Telkomsel customer service that they have met the international quality standards.