Internet BBM SMS Call free

(1). Internet – internet package which gives quota of 12 GB for only 50rb is one of the advantages of sympathy loop that has a tremendous appeal to Internet users who normally only get 2GB of internet at the same price if you use other operators.
Sympathy Loop

(2). BBM – BlackBerry package on sympathy loop is also amazingly cheap, just by 30 thousand a month have access to the complete blackberry ranging from fuel, chat, social networks, browsing and email, it’s just not able to stream video, but with the services that are so full of sympathy loop into the blackberry package lowest ever. plus network telkomsel already known to have the widest signal throughout Indonesia.

(3). SMS – SMS Package Offers of sympathy Loop using only one can get bonus sms 1000 sms up to 12 o’clock at night even in the area of ​​Bandung, and jogja given a bonus of up to 10 thousand sms every mengguanakan two sms. Now what nelpon package sympathy loop?

(4). Call – Sympathy loop nelpon bonuses for 60 minutes after using the phone accumulates Rp.1000, -. Bonus nelpon 60 minutes can be used for calls to 3 numbers telkomsel. Nelpon bonus can be used from 00.00 until 11 noon, and if you want the bonus again then must use again nelpon accumulated 1,500 to be free nelpon 60 minutes from 11 noon until 12 o’clock at night.

Thus 4 advantages sympathy sympathy loop of another starter pack. See also How to list sympathy loop 12GB Internet package 50ribu and there see differences SimPATI Loop with LOOP.


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