Telkomsel also pioneered the Mobile Banking services in Indonesia

In 1998, Telkomsel create a new program to develop its network by launching Word Class Operator as a benchmark standard of its services. The new positioning for Telkomsel prepaid card named by the archipelago simPATI bermottokan simPATI under control. SimPATI card previously could only be used in the registration area only, but now simPATI can be used in all regions in Indonesia.
In 2000, Telkomsel also pioneered the Mobile Banking services in Indonesia in collaboration with Bank Panin. This is one Tekomsel innovation in integrating telecommunications and information technology systems in the banking system. Around the end of March 2009, Telkomsel managed to have approximately 72.1 million customers based on industry statistics represented an estimated market share of about 50%. Telkomsel provides cellular services in Indonesia through product 900-1800 MHz dual band GSM, 3G networks and international networks through 341 international roaming partners in 180 countries (end of March 2009, according to records). On September 2006 was Telkomsel became the first operator in Indonesia to launch 3G network services.
It is very diverse and the twists and turns this one telecommunications company. Various success was slowly and surely bring Telkomsel and Apple South Asia Ltd to launch the iPhone 3G in Indonesia on March 20, 2009. And this is one more success Telkomsel certainly very proud of its loyal customers.
Telkomsel mentioned having the largest network coverage in Indonesia, where providing network coverage reaches more than 95% of Indonesia’s population and in the claims that Telkomsel is the only operator in Indonesia that covers the whole country, provinces and districts, both districts in Sumatra, Java and Bali. Telkomsel company offers GSM dual band (900 & 1800), GPRS, WiFi, EDGE and 3G technology.


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