Telkomsel is one GSM mobile telecommunications operator in Indonesia

Telkomsel is one GSM mobile telecommunications operator in Indonesia, which had launched the first postpaid services around the 26th of May 1995. At that time the ownership of shares owned by PT Telkomsel. Telkom (51%) and PT. Indosat (49%), and Telkomsel never managed to become a first mobile operator to offer GSM prepaid services in Asia in November 1997. This is the next Telkomsel history
Throughout history Telkomsel, this operator has three GSM products, namely simPATI (prepaid), KartuAS (prepaid) and kartuHALO (postpaid). Telkomsel shares currently owned by us (65%) and Singapore telecommunications company SingTel (35%). SOEs Telkom is Indonesia which is majority-owned by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, while SingTel is a company majority-owned by the Government of Singapore. In 1995, officially Telkomsel received permission to provide mobile telecommunications services its GSM officially, after a successful pilot project in the pilot project GAM Telkom do Batam. Unlike the other operators, Telkomsel history followed by starting to build networks and serve customers from outside of Java such as from Batam, Medan and other areas. Then in 1996, Telkomsel started operating in the capital Jakarta and successfully serve the entire province in Indonesia. It is characterized by the operation of the service Telkomsel Ambon and Jayapura.

After successfully launching the product paskabayarnya kartuHALO, Telkomsel back to the operator who pioneered the prepaid card is rechargeable in ASIA with the launch of its first product simPATI. SimPATI cards were launched when the economic crisis struck at around 1997, because it also Telkomsel provide solutions to the users of mobile services for controlling communication budget. The surprising thing, Telkomsel managed to get the ISO 9002 certification for Customer Service On-Line from PT Tuv Rheinland Germany, where it also means marks Telkomsel customer service that they have met the international quality standards.


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