The slogan is owned by PT.TELKOMSEL So Close So Real

The slogan is owned by PT.TELKOMSEL So Close So Real. With this slogan is also expected to make TELKOMSEL as mobile telecommunications service company that the most number of customers and always put quality and availability of the widest network capacity to provide the best services to its customers.
That history Telkomsel Paseban pillowcase, Adapaun to the history of other operators, such as XL and Indosat, Paseban will present it in a future article. [MG]
SYMPATHY is a prepaid card that diterbikan by Telkomsel that has been thorough and known to many by the public and the widest network in Indonesia.
Along with the times the sympathy of many channel programs that are very lucrative as well as many customers Sympathy Sympathy Sympathy Club has called simPATIzone that many customers demand a lot of sympathy.
With the customer simPATIzone sympathy can enjoy the programs that have been determined as well, the Main Zone, Carner Zone, Free Zone and know what programs are being created sympathy or any activities that may attract the attention of customers sympathy.
Therefore please allow us to introduce our products presented in front of you all of the products although falling entirely sympathy we know a lot but at least we can tell you about products Sympathy


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